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Since 1984 RETRAN has been the leading in giving most significant Foreclosure information on the marketplace. RETRAN has been one reserve and most trust source for thousands of the majority victorious foreclosure shareholders, real estate specialized and house buyers.

With over 20 search criteria you can be sure to find the exact properties you are looking for. You can also create and save searches that you want to re-use and access them quickly from the quot; Saved Searches and quota; section on the dashboard. This will save you countless hours recreating the same searches day after day. We collect and verify all the county records ourselves. Our company can not buy and then resell the Foreclosure records like other companies.

  • We select RETRAN because they specialize in collecting foreclosure details in these exact areas proprietor and guarantee that give the most complete and truthful information to us.

  • I get our foreclosure information in detail. RETRAN is verified from side to side that proprietary procedure and added in record. After this process is ended it is made offered to subscribers right away. This truthfully makes RETRAN the best foreclosure data you can search!

  • RETRAN specially sets us apart from affiliate, up to 5 inveterate phone numbers for all record. They have right of entry to more than non-index assistance numbers and 5 Comparables with right of entry to sales data, tax details and more...this is really good foreclosure company in my view.

  • My most friends are using only this online RETRAN site for the foreclosure dealing. Remarkable service is giving this company which any one customer wants Nice to work with this company.........

  • Every one can easily take the advantage of online site of this foreclosure company. Its is easy to operate its site. All type of information they give in detail through which any customers are happy!!!!! I had personally observed it!!

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